Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives (BENTE)

The first phase of the Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives (BENTE) has been initiated – a project that will provide in-depth scenario analysis of issues critical in achieving the Baltic countries’ climate and energy targets in the most cost efficient way.

Ea Energy Analyses and VTT the Technical Research Centre of Finland will assist the research collaboration BENTE in data collection and scenario specification, modelling with both the TIMES-VTT and Balmorel model, along with analysis based on the modelling results.  






New report: Integration of thermal gasification in the Danish energy system


In the Danish magazine 'The Engineer' from April 18 2017 and the FiB newsletter from March 2017 you can read about our recently released report on the integration of thermal gasification in the Danish energy system (in Danish).

The report concludes, among other things, that there should be significant increases in natural gas and CO2 before it can be economically attractive to produce gas from wood/straw, but that the thermal gasification of waste has more promising prospects.

The report was prepared for the Partnership for thermal gasification.

Download the report Integration of Thermal Gasification in the Danish Energy System (in Danish).


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Balmorel Lite: The DEA launches new web based power market simulator develop by Ea

The Danish Energy Agency has just launched Balmorel Lite, which is a web based power market simulation tool developed by Ea Energy Analyses.


Balmorel Lite is based on the heat and power system model Balmorel and has been developed with the particular purpose of assessing the value of renewable energy (RE) in different power systems. The tool is free of use and give users a visual and interactive introduction to power market models and the opportunities and consequences of RE integration.







Danish experiences with integration of RE can assist Indonesia


Our engagement in Indonesia continues and in this regard, we have recently published a report on the Danish experiences with integration of fluctuating renewable energy.


The report was prepared in cooperation with the Danish TSO Energinet.dk and the Danish Energy Agency and related, where possible, the Danish experiences to Indonesian conditions and political ambitions.


Download the report Powering Indonesia by Wind - Integration of Wind Energy in Power Systems.


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Competition analysis of the district heating sector

Ea Energy Analyses is carrying out a competition analysis of the district heating sector for the DEA, in cooperation with Deloitte and Konveks. The analysis focuses especially on the production stage and will include recommendations on measures to increase competition.




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