New electrification report for TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne.


In collaboration with TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne, Ea Energy Analyses has made a report, which investigates the influence of electrification on the field of mechanical and electrical contract work in Denmark.


By using scenario analyses of investments into various types of technologies, Ea Energy Analyses explored outlooks of the influence electrification will have. The technologies in question are heat pumps, electric vehicles and charging stations, cooling and ventilation, gas heating, electric heating and solar energy.


The report concludes that the field can draw advantages from electrification, as the wish for a fast, green transition requires skills for quick and cost-efficient installation and servicing of new products.


TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne published the report on Friday 14th June at Folkemødet, and it can be downloaded here (in Danish).






EAducation: Danida course "Introduction to Balmorel" at DTU



Last Friday, Ea Energy Analyses completed the last session of the course “Introduction to Balmorel”, financed by Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC). We supported DTU, main organiser, in delivering the course with a focus on the international model setups for Indonesia and India.


The training stretched over a total of four weeks and was organised in two sessions, one in March and one in May. The invited participants were 27 actors of the energy sector in India and Indonesia, countries which are both part of the Danish Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC), from a variety of institutions and companies: the vertically integrated Indonesian utility company PLN, the Indonesian Directorate of Electricity (MEMR-DJK), the National Energy Council (Indonesia), the Indian Central Electricity Authority (CEA) and the Indian National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE).



Participants received an introduction to energy systems analysis and mathematical modelling, and consequently learned how to use the Balmorel model to support decisions related to both planning and operation of the power system. During the last day, the participants presented the results of their test cases in front of the audience, underwent a final test and received a Balmorel certificate.




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