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Integration of wind power

Integrating a large share of wind power into the existing power system poses a number of challenges. Since wind power production fluctuates, it is a challenge to ensure a balance between wind power production, the remaining power supply and electricity consumption. To utilise wind power optimally, efficient coordination between wind power production, the remaining power supply and electricity consumption is needed. 

In the past few years, expansion of wind power has been soaring in a number of countries, new offshore projects are materialising and a number of new markets are building up. This development is expected to continue, as the development of a renewable energy system is high on the agenda in many countries. The challenge of integrating wind power into the existing system is therefore becoming even more urgent in the coming years.

Ea Energy Analyses has conducted a number of studies on the technical integration of wind power into the energy system, as well as the economic impact of large-scale deployment. Often the integration studies are combined with assessments of the viability of new transmission lines as a tool for integration. The electrical system cannot be seen in isolation, however, and as such the district heating system and the combined heat and power plants are also included in these analyses. In recent years, we have carried out wind integration studies for Denmark, the Baltic Sea Region, Northern Europe, the Eastern part of North America and North Eastern China. Besides the more technical analyses, we have also completed a number of projects with more focus on planning aspects and policy strategies for the most efficient integration of wind power.



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