Forecasting future power prices is a highly complex task as prices depend on drivers such as future fuel prices, energy policies and grid developments, which are all embedded in uncertainty. Nonetheless, forecasts are crucial for the strategic decision-making of market players in the energy industry.


At Ea Energy Analyses, we excel at forecasting future power prices and technology specific capture prices in European markets. We combine energy market expertise, a unique power system model and scenario analyses to deliver value beyond isolated onetime forecasts.


Our team of engineers and economists provide investors with price forecasts through a client-centric approach developed through work with some of the world’s leading energy companies.


  • DONG Energy
  • Skellefteå Kraft
  • Danish Energy Agency
  • Greater Copenhagen Utility
  • TVIS
  • Danish Wind Industry Association
  • Danish Wind Turbine Owners’ Association
  • Danish Waste Association
  • Fjernvarme Fyn


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Read more about our expertise and methods in our Power Price Forecasting brochure





Ea cooperates with ENFOR who specializes in operational short term forecasting.



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