Ea Energy Analyses' activities in Indonesia

Since the beginning of 2016, Ea Energy Analyses has been working on several analyses of the Indonesian energy sector, focusing on energy modeling and integration of renewable energy, development of an Indonesian technology catalogue and pre-feasibility study of a biomass power plant project in Java, the fifth largest and most populated island in Indonesia.

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Ambitious electrification of Indonesia
Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country, with a total population of over 260 million people, spread over 900 populated islands. The country has ambitious goals, to increase the electrification and capacity of the overall power system. The Indonesian Parliament has drawn up a National Energy Policy (KEN) with targets of 23% renewable energy in the primary energy consumption by 2025 and 31% by 2050. Internationally, Indonesia has comitted to the Paris agreement and thus works to stay below a global average temperature of 2° C relative to pre-industrial levels.
The objectives should be viewed in relation to Indonesia’s position as a developing country where more than 10% live below the national poverty line and where about 15% do not have access to electricity. Indonesia therefore faces several economic and structural challenges, not least in the energy sector.

Danish-Indonesian cooperation
Indonesia and Denmark began their governmental cooperation program in 2005, and finished the third phase of the program (ESP3), that ran from 2013 to 2017. The purpose was to assist Indonesian government agencies and relevant stakeholders in developing policies, strategies and solutions to increase the country's electrification rate and reach to reach the long-term renewable energy and energy efficiency targets. In 2015, the two Governments signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen their cooperation in the field of energy. A strategic sector cooperation was then initiated, focusing on energy modeling, renewable energy integration and energy efficiency initiatives, which Ea Energy Analysis has contributed to since the beginning of 2016.



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