Theme: Transport

Energy and transport

Today the energy consumption in the transport sector consists almost entirely of fossil fuels, particularly oil. The Climate Agenda and the desire to reduce oil dependence in Denmark and the EU have led to an increased focus on CO2 reduction and renewable energy in the energy sector. So far the transport sector has not gone through the same significant change in relation to fuels, and the sector's GHG emissions are increasing. As the low-hanging fruits for greenhouse gas reductions are harvested in the energy sector, an increasing focus on the transport sector is expected. At the same time the link between the transport sector and the remaining energy sector will be much stronger in the future along with the introduction of more and more electric vehicles.


Ea Energy Analyses has worked on several projects on transformation of the transport sector, and transportation is also included in many of Ea's analyses of the future energy system. As an example transport was included in the calculation Ea performed for the Danish Climate Commission regarding biomass.


Furthermore, Ea Energy Analyses has prepared an overview of regulatory and framework conditions in the energy and transport sectors at EU level and in selected countries. The work included an analysis of long-term trends and the viability (2050) of policies and legislation and an analysis of key players in the formulation of new regulation.




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