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Modern district heating

District heating plays an important role in a future energy system with a large share of renewable energy. Today, the thermal production of combined heat and power ensures high energy efficiency in the production, while minimising primary energy consumption. In a future energy system with less thermal production and a larger share of renewable energy from fluctuating sources such as wind power, the heating sector is increasingly expected to deliver balance and energy storage services.


The share of district heating will continue to increase

In Denmark, it is anticipated that district heating’s share of total heat consumption will continue to increase. At the same time, the production will mainly be based on renewable energy sources in the future. This creates a number of challenges, which need to be addressed in the existing heat planning.


Interaction with the electricity market

In cooperation with the Danish District Heating Association, Ea has carried out projects focusing on the interaction between district heating and the electricity market under various framework conditions. In particular, these studies have focused on how district heating can contribute to achieving goals related to CO2 emission reductions, energy savings and renewable energy in the future energy system. We have assisted various heating companies in finding methods to reduce CO2 emissions, for example through the use of biomass and heat pumps.


Regulation models

Ea Energy Analyses undertook an analysis of the possible regulation models for the district heating sector, which examined advantages and disadvantages of the various regulation forms in relation to the challenges that the district heating sector is facing today. Ea Energy Analyses is also taking part in the development of a new RD&D strategy for the district heating sector.

Since 2007, Ea Energy Analyses has assisted the load dispatch unit ( in the greater Copenhagen area. Using Ea’s tool, the load dispatch unit daily generates plans for the production of heat in Copenhagen, taking into consideration the local distribution system.


A selection of district heating projects



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