Theme: Biomass

Biomass for energy use

Biomass is a rapidly growing source of energy and an important greenhouse gas reduction tool for Denmark as well as the EU. Increased use of biomass is one of the primary means of reaching the EU’s goal of 20% renewable energy in 2020, and plays an important role in the Danish strategies for GHG reductions and oil independence, such as the recommendations from the Danish Climate Commission and the energy strategy proposed by the Danish Government.


The increasing interest in using biomass for energy in Europe has led to new trade patterns and emerging market structures for biomass resources, and the prices for wood biomasses in particular have been affected by the growing demand. The development has also given rise to a discussion of the long-term availability of sustainable biomass resources.


Through various projects, Ea Energy Analyses is working with utilisation of biomass for energy purposes. As such, we have analysed biomass market structures, prices, demand, resource availability and sustainability for different types of biomass resources. Ea has analysed the local and regional potentials for biomass utilisation on behalf of different Danish municipalities. Additionally, the markets for trade in wood pellets, straw and wood chips have been studied for a group of Danish heating companies.



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