Wind power integration in the Heilongjiang province in North-East China

In the North-East provinces in China, during wintertime, power generated by wind power cannot be integrated to the grid system due to inflexibility in the electricity system or in the current framework for dispatching the power plants. The current framework encourages combined heat and power production, not taking into account a more overall optimisation of the whole electricity and heating system. Furthermore, technical limitations regarding flexible use of the thermal power plants hinder the optimal use of the increasing amount of wind power in the region.


Modelling of the hourly dispatch

Ea Energy Analyses has taken part in a project led by the China Electric Power Research Insititute (CEPRI) and with participation of the Heilongjiang Electric Power Company. The project aimed to develop scenarios for hourly dispatch in the power system in order to analyse wind power integration in the province of Heilongjiang. The scenarios analyses different measures to ensure flexibility in the system, including more flexible use of CHP.


Experts trained in using the Balmorel model

A representation of the Heilongjiang power system was developed in the Balmorel model for use in the analyses. A core component of the project was training of the experts from CEPRI and the Heilongjiang Electric Power Company in using the Balmorel model for future analyses. The project was supported by the Sino-Danish Wind Energy Development Program (WED).


Seminar in Harbin

The projected started in November 2009 and was completed in May 2010. In June 2010 the project was disseminated at a seminar in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang. Harbin has just under 10 million inhabitants.



Harbin seminar June 2010

Harbin seminar, June 2010


North East China

Map of Heilongjiang, where Harbin is the capital


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