Environmental impact of electricity in Eastern Denmark

On behalf of Copenhagen Energy (now HOFOR), Ea Energy Analyses has prepared a projection of the environmental impact statement for electricity in the period 2010-2025. The calculations were ​​based on the assumptions for the electricity and heat production used in the project on the long-term heat plan for Greater Copenhagen.


The analyses were made using the electricity market model Balmorel, which contains a detailed description of the district heating system in Copenhagen. The adjacent Nordic and German power systems were also included. CO2 emissions from electricity production in Denmark and from electricity imported and exported to and from neighboring countries were included in the analysis.


For each time segment, it was assessed whether Denmark is a net importer, exporter or in balance. Net imports and net exports were calculated as the sum of transmissions on all international interconnections.


In addition, an assessment was made of the consequences of deducting the renewable energy advantage of new wind power projects from the environmental impact statement for electricity when the electricity is used in the Copenhagen area.


The project was carried out from July 2009 to August 2009.


Last update 17-Jul-2015

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