Sønderborg as carbon-neutral area

SRC International and Ea Energy Analyses have assisted ProjectZero in Sønderborg (Jutland, Denmark) in the preparation of a plan for how Sønderborg local authority can reach its vision of zero CO2 in 2029 and which initiatives are necessary to realise the first 25 per cent CO2 reduction before the end of 2015.


Active dialogue

The road to zero CO2 is presented in Masterplan 2029 and Road Map 2010-2015. The strategy was developed through active dialogue between Sønderborg local authorities, energy companies, local and external professional experts as well as other stakeholders.


Development strategy based on three elements

The three key elements in the development strategy are 1) substantial improvements of the energy efficiency, 2) restructuring of the energy supply to include the area’s own renewable energy sources and 3) transformation of the entire energy system into a truly dynamic energy system.

The project was completed autumn 2009.


Last update 17-Jul-2015

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