Updates for ’Technology Data for Individual Heating Installations’

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses supported Energinet in updating the methodology/guidance in the technology catalogue for individual heating, ‘Technology Data for Individual Heating Installations’.


The technology catalogue functions as guidance in relation to the development of project proposals, where it should ensure a uniform, generally accepted and up-to-date basis for planning work and assessments of security of supply, emergency services, environment and market development at, for instance, the system-responsible companies, the universities, advisors and the Danish Energy Agency.


In the project, substantiated suggestions for change of the catalogue are collected from its users. The received comments are compared, evaluated and verified, and based on this, the catalogue’s methodology is revised.


The project runs from March to August 2019.



Last update 16-Jul-2019

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Anders Kofoed-Wiuff


Jakob Nørgaard Hansen






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