KlimaVarmePlan 2020

Aarhus Municipality actively works to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. The target is to become carbon neutral already by 2030, and towards 2050 the energy system must transition to 100% sustainable energy, in line with the national goals. KlimaVarmePlan 2020 will set down the framework for large future infrastructural investments within district heating towards 2030.


There are two parts to KlimaVarmePlan 2020: a political decision about a number of main scenarios for the development of the district heating of the future in Aarhus, and an investigation into and planning of how chosen main scenarios can be carried out.


As a part of the first part, three main studies are carried out:

  1. A driver analysis, which gives a thorough look into the challenges and drivers facing district heating in Aarhus
  2. An analysis of the future distribution, which gives an image of the amount of district heating Aarhus municipality can expect to allocate in the future
  3. An analysis of possible production technologies, resulting in a catalogue of relevant methods for producing district heating in Aarhus


Ea Energy Analyses and PlanEnergi aid AffaldVarme Aarhus Fjernvarme with input and feedback for the driver analysis; development of a technology catalogue; assistance in developing main scenarios, including feedback on scenario design, input on scenario constraints including electricity price forecasts; and support on EnergyPRO calculations.


The project runs from October 2018 to June 2019.


Last update 14-May-2019

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