The cost of fossil free energy supply in Denmark

In an analysis for the Danish Economic Councils, Ea Energy Analyses identified the marginal energy system costs of the transition to a green Danish energy supply.


The analysis was undertaken with the recent energy scenario analyses of the Danish Energy Agency as the point of departure. For each of several energy services - including electricity supply, individual, district and industrial heating supply, and several transport categories - the costs were identified on the basis of the 'Wind' and 'Fossil' scenarios of the Danish Energy Agency.


Ea's results fed into the analyses of the Danish Economic Councils in their recent report 'Economy and Environment, 2016'. 


The analysis was conducted between November 2015 and January 2016


Last update 09-Oct-2017

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Notat: Den samfundsøkonomiske meromkostning ved en fossilfri energiforsyning
January 2016 (in Danish)


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