The role of Nordic municipalities and regions in the green transition

The conference on “The role of Nordic municipalities and regions in the green transition” took place the 10-11 November in Copenhagen. The aim was to showcase the possibilities for Nordic municipalities and regions to contribute to green growth through sustainable solutions and strategic energy planning at local level.


The conference provided concrete examples and knowledge on how to organise climate and energy initiatives based on lessons learned in the Nordic countries.

The conference targeted energy planners and decision-makers from the Nordic cities, municipalities, regions, businesses and NGOs looking to increase their efforts in the field of green growth.


As a follow-up to the conference, Ea Energy Analyses prepared a publication for the Nordic Council of Ministers for dissemination at COP21. In this publication, 14 Nordic cities and municipalities give a brief account of some of their work, recognising the need for exchange of experience and solutions to enable a global green transition.


Ea Energy Analyses organised the conference for the Chair of the Nordic Council of Ministers during the autumn of 2015.


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