Danish experiences with integration of renewables

For many years, Denmark have been leading in the use of renewable energy with a particular focus on wind power. In 2014, wind power accounted for 39% of all electricity demand in Denmark. Increasing the amount of wind power in the energy system come with certain challenges due to the fluctuating nature of wind based energy production.


In this project, Ea Energy Analyses has collected the Danish experiences with integration of renewables for Agora Energiewende with the purpose to inspire the green transition in Germany.


The report provides an overview of the expansion with renewables in Denmark, including the challenges and solutions in the development of the energy system, the process of making the conventional power plants flexible and a description of how energy markets and regulation have been adapted to support the flexibility.


The project ran from March to September 2015


Last update 29-Apr-2019

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The Danish Experience with Integrating Variable Renewable Energy

September 2015


Contact: Anders Kofoed-Wiuff





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