Standardised energy efficiency measures in Luxembourg

Article 7 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive of 2012 requires that all EU Member States achieve certain amount of final energy savings over the period 01 January 2014 – 31 December 2020 by using energy efficiency obligation schemes or other targeted policy measures to drive energy efficiency improvements in households, industries, and transport sectors. Luxembourg has opted for an energy efficiency obligation scheme.


In an energy efficiency obligation standardised solutions can reduce the time needed for assessment, calculations, and documentation of achieved savings, which in turn limits the transaction cost of the obligation system.


Ea Energy Analyses and Lokalenergi assisted the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade in developing a catalogue of standardised solutions for the Luxembourg energy efficiency obligation scheme. The standardised solutions provided include measures for the residential, industrial, tertiary, and transport sector.


The work was carried out in the period May 2014 – November 2014.


Last update 17-Jul-2015

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