Smart grid ready buildings

Following the transition towards a carbon free energy supply, we are going to see an increase in the demand for smart grid solutions within every part of the energy system – in energy production, distribution as well as consumption - for both electricity and heating.


The Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance has set up a working group to look at smart grid ready buildings, technologies and products. As a part of the task, the working group is developing a set of recommendations for the promotion of smart grid technologies in buildings. To assist in creating the recommendations, Ea Energy Analyses has produced a report with background information.


The report contains a description of the motivation to promote flexible electricity consumption, including:

  • The integration of wind power
  • Strengthening of the position of consumers within the electricity market
  • Better pricing system in the electricity market
  • Participation in new markets, for example a better utilisation of the capacity in the distribution net or lower system services, as with frequency reserves

Furthermore, the work includes an assessment of potential concerning flexible electricity consumption within trade and services, households, electric cars and heat pumps, as well as an analysis of the advantages gained from having flexible electricity consumption adapted to fit the spot prices.


The report was drawn up from May to August 2014


Last update 01-Dec-2015

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