Demonstration of alternatives to oil and natural gas burners

During the project, a series of demonstrations projects were conducted, with the purpose of making it more attractive for buildings owners with oil and gas boilers to convert to a renewable energy based heating form such as heat pumps.

The focus was to demonstrate a new ESCO-like business model where the customers instead of buying a heat pump only pays for the heat they use while the ESCO company is responsible for financing and operation. Different technologies were tested, including individual heat pumps connected to a collective brine system and a combination of heat pumps and natural gas burners.

Ea Energy Analyses was part of a consortium with Insero Energy (project manager), Exergy Partners NIRAS, Brædstrup Heat and OK a.m.b.a. The project was conducted for the Danish Energy Agency. The role of Ea Energy Analyses in the project was to analyse the lessons learned from the demonstration projects in relation to the long-term transformation of the Danish energy system.

The project was finalized by the end of 2015 and a conference was held in January 2016


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Analyse af samspil til energisystemet
(in Danish)
Presentation by Anders Kofoed-Wiuff at the conference the 21th of January 2016


Økonomisk analyse af forretningskoncepter for varmepumper
(In Danish)

December 2015


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