Design of an energy efficiency obligation in Luxembourg

EU’s directive for energy efficiency came into force in December 2012. As a consequence all Member States must implement an energy efficiency obligation or specify alternative instruments that will have same effect as the energy efficiency obligation.


Ea Energy Analyses assisted Ministère de l'Économie et de Commerce Extérieur (Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade) on how to design and implement an energy efficiency obligation in Luxembourg.


The projects purpose was to create a solid foundation for the legal implementation of an energy efficiency obligation adjusted to the local context. The project included the following:

  • Clarification of which design options that are relevant to Luxembourg
  • Identification and involvment of stakeholders from relevant sectors
  • Presenting arguments and results from Denmark and other countries
  • Promoting key decisions leading to the overall design of the energy efficiency obligation of Luxembourg.


The project ran from May to October 2013.


Last update 17-Jul-2015

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Designing an Energy Efficiency Obligation for Luxembourg

October 2013


Contact: Mikael Togeby



Helge Ørsted Pedersen



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