Efficiency is more than energy

Traditionally energy advisers and their clients see the value of energy efficiency improvement as saved energy times the energy price. This perception constitutes a barrier to the implementation of many profitable projects. Experience shows that energy efficiency improvement projects often also impacts other areas of the business – such as increased productivity, increased sales, increased production capacity, less climate impact, reduced waste generation or improved working environment. These “side-effects” are most often not taken into account when calculating the benefits since no method for doing so exists and since energy advisers do not have enough focus on leveraging these benefits.


The project consisted of two phases. During the first phase a method and a web based tool were developed while the second phase was dedicated to building a case database and to promote application of the tool.


Calculating the value of non energy benefits

The aim of the project was to increase focus on this issue and to develop a method for calculating the value of the so-called non energy benefits (NEB). The project was part financed by Elforsk.


Besides Ea Energy Analyses, the project team consisted of Lokalenergi and the Danish Technological Institute.


The first project phase ran from March 2012 to ultimo 2013. The second phase is ended in April 2016.



Last update 29-Apr-2016

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