Biomass action plan for the municipalities of Randers, Norddjurs and Syddjurs (Jutland)

The Danish part of the EU-funded ENERCOAST project is managed by Agro Business Park/INBIOM and focuses on the biomass potential in Central Jutland, specifically in the municipalities of Norddjurs, Syddjurs and Randers.

As part of the ENERCOAST project, Ea Energy Analyses prepared an action plan for biomass intended for energy production for the three municipalities. The action plan covers the coming 10 years.

The task was divided into three main parts:

  • Part one consisted of a resource assessment addressing the resource potential of the three municipalities, the benefit of using agricultural and forest land for increased biomass production, and the related environmental consequences.
  • Part two comprised an application analysis dealing with marketing and the technical use of biomass for energy supply purposes.
  • Part three involved the development of a concrete action plan for biomass for each of the three municipalities, with recommendations for local authorities as well as other municipalities who want to engage in similar work.

The project was carried out from January to August of 2012.


Last update 27-Jul-2016

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Biomassehandlingsplan for Norddjurs, Syddjurs og Randers kommuner

The report contains a summery in english.


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