Evaluation of the system value of electric vehicles

Ea Energy Analyses has studied the current and future value of electric vehicles to the electricity system. With a focus on electric vehicle owners in Germany, the UK and Denmark, the description of these respective electricity markets was followed by a forecast of how these markets may evolve up to 2030, and how this will affect the system value of electric vehicles.

Large amounts of RE in the electricity system

The introduction of large amounts of fluctuating renewable resources such as solar and wind poses major challenges to an electricity system. By the end of 2010, the European installed capacity of photovoltaic was 29 GW and wind power was 84 GW. Driven by the EU 2020 targets, steep growth is expected for both technologies in the years to come.

Batteries in the EVs can serve a double role

In a future with a high share of renewable energy in the electricity system, the batteries in the EVs can serve a double role: As energy storage for the EV, but also as a provider of services for the electricity system, thus allowing for integration of more intermittent electricity production. The overall system value associated with EVs is comprised of many aspects. By forecasting and analysing these various aspects, calculations of this system value was made under different scenarios.

The project was initiated in July 2011 in collaboration with Toyota Motor Europe and completed in September 2011."



Last update 11-Nov-2015

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