City of Copenhagen – Energy supply 2025

The City of Copenhagen has a vision of being carbon neutral by 2025. According to the Copenhagen Climate Plan, a strategy to achieve the goal must be presented in 2012.


Focus on energy supply and consumption
Energy supply and consumption are an essential part of the strategy, and a project, Energy supply 2025, has thus been launched in order to map the current energy supply and point out which direction the development of the energy supply should take in order to fulfil the vision of carbon neutrality. The City of Copenhagen asked Ea Energy Analyses for assistance in this regard. In particular, Ea’s task was to:


  • Map the existing heat production and supply facilities and assess technologies, resources and heat volumes necessary to achieve carbon neutrality in 2025.
  • Review technical development trends within the energy sector towards independence from fossil fuels in the long term.
  • Point at requirements and possibilities in the flexible energy system.
  • Point out a robust path towards carbon neutrality in 2025 in Copenhagen – which is consistent with the long-term goals and which could also be a “green growth” path for Greater Copenhagen.
  • Make an overall overview of decisions made by the various players (the UN, the EU, the Danish government, City of Copenhagen, power utilities, heat companies, waste companies and consumers/businesses).
  • Prepare a road map for important decisions and cooperative agreements in the period 2010-2025.

The project was initiated in November 2010 and completed in March 2011.



Last update 27-Jul-2016

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