Power study on Lomé Container Terminal, Togo

Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a study on the possibilities for power supply to a new container terminal in Lomé, Togo, together with Niras and Energinet.dk. The container terminal will raise the total power demand in Togo considerably and be an important electricity consumer which will influence the overall load profile in Togo, by both consuming electricity from the grid and feeding electricity back into the grid.


The study aimed at identifying a feasible power supply for the container terminal based on analyses of:

  • Power demand of the container terminal.
  • Power supply for the container terminal. The power supply situation was analysed using the simulation tool Balmorel for simulating the power system in Togo and the neighbouring countries in order to assess the security of supply and power supply situation in the region. This included analyses of the options for electricity import from neighbouring countries.
  • Power Stability. Technical simulations were carried out to assess the stability of the electrical grid and suggest a technical connection setup.


The project resulted in recommendations for the power supply of the terminal, taking into account economic and technical aspects.

The project was carried out in the period from September 2010 to January 2011.


Last update 17-Jul-2015

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