Wind-heat pump in Aarhus

In the project Combination of wind power and heat pumps for Heating Plan Aarhus, the combination of wind power and heat pumps for district heating production in the district heating system of Aarhus has been analysed. In this regard, various possibilities for heat production have been investigated, including a larger heat pump combined with wind power.

No major economic gains

The conclusion of the project is that there are no major economic advantages of establishing a large heat pump with a heat production capacity of around 150 MW. One reason for this is the relatively low efficiency of heat pumps of this size. The CO2 emissions in Aarhus may be positively affected by a large heat pump, while the impact on the CO2 emissions in the overall electricity and heat system in Denmark and the surrounding countries is more doubtful. Furthermore, the project emphasises that from a corporate point of view it is more profitable to establish a heat pump that is directly connected to the wind turbines supplying the power for the heat pump. The reason for this is that in case of direct connection, no indirect taxes must be paid for the electricity consumed. Socio-economically it would however be more beneficial to connect both the heat pump and the wind turbines to the electricity grid.

The prospects for a heat pump are good within the regulating power market, where the heat pump may help ensure a dynamic electricity system with good possibilities for integrating e.g. wind power.

The project was carried out by AffaldVarme Aarhus, Nordjysk Elhandel, Vindenergi Danmark and Ea Energy Analyses and was financed by AffaldVarme Aarhus and the research programme of

The project was finalised in March 2010.


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