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Key qualifications

Mikael Togeby has extensive experience as manager of large projects. In recent years, Mikael has worked with electricity market analyses and development, demand response, SmartGrids and integration of renewable energy. Further, Mikael has extensive knowledge and experience on energy efficiency policy and evaluation of public policy.


Selected assignments

  • Reviewer for Energy Studies Review (2006), Wind Energy (2006 and 2009), and Energy Efficiency (2007 and 2013), AKF, Danish Institute of Governmental Research (2008), Journal of Cleaner production (2009 and 2010), Energy Journal (2010 and 2011), Energy Economics (2012), Energy Conversion and Management (2012), IEEE PES Transactions on Smart Grid (2012) and IEEE PES Transactions on Power Systems (2015)


Professional experience  

  • 2005 to date: Partner, Ea Energy Analyses

  • 1999-2005: Expert in electricity demand, the Planning Department at Elkraft System, the Transmission System Operator in Eastern Denmark (from 2005

  • 1988-1999: Researcher, AKF, the Local Governments Research Institute. The last years as Director of Research

  • 1983-1988: Researcher, the Technical University of Denmark


Selected publications and presentations by subject


Energy systems, Energy scenarios, Energy markets

  • Togeby, M. et al (2018): Long-term scenarios for the Mexican power sector: Cost of renewable energy integration
  • Vītiņa, A., N. Dupont and M. Togeby (2017): Renewable energy scenarios for Vietnam Technical Report
  • Togeby, M. et al (2016, draft): Renewable energy and reliability of electricity supply. Ea Energy Analyses, DTU and EOH.

  • Togeby, M. et al (2016): Renewable energy in Mexico. Background report to the Mexican Renewable Energy Outlook, 2015 (In English and Spanish).
  • Dupont, N. and M. Togeby (2016): Analysis of forward electricity prices.
  • Togeby, M. et al (2014): EAPP Master plan. (8 volumes). Eastern Africa Power Pool.

  • Togeby, M., A.E. Larsen and H.H. Lindboe (2010): Udviklingen i elpriserne (Development of electricity prices, 1995-2009).
  • Togeby, M., and J. Hethey, S. Rygaard, P. Lauritzen, G. Føns Hjortbak and A. Lundfald, S. Panzer Engstrøm, L. Bregnbæk, J. Werling (2010): Kombination af vindkraft og varmepumpe til Varmeplan Århus. (Research project about the use of wind power combined with heat pumps for district heating in Århus).
  • Togeby, M (2010): VindVarme - Skitseprojekt om fjernvarme fra vindmøller og varmepumper (Design project about the use of wind power combined with heat pumps for district heating in Århus).


Demand response and frequency controlled demand

  • Rasmussen, L. H., M. Togeby et al (2014): READY - Smart Grid Ready VPP Controller for Heat Pumps.

  • Bang, C., M. Togeby, L. H. Rasmussen (2014): Ready project - summary of main findings - with a focus on market aspects and local grid constraints.
  • Bang, C., M. Togeby, L. H. Rasmussen (2014): Congestion in distribution grids - Evaluation and analysis of DSO options for congestion management in smart grids
  • Bang, C., M. Togeby (2013): Activating electricity demand as regulating power. Flexpower – testing a market design proposal. Research project for
  • Bang, C., M. Togeby et al. (2013): Demand as Frequency-controlled Reserve Implementation and practical demonstration programme. Project for EUDP.
  • Xu, Z., J. Østergaard, M. Togeby (2010): Demand as Frequency Controlled Reserve. IEEE transactions on power systems (accepted for publication)


Energy efficiency

  • Zvingilaite, E. and M. Togeby (2015): Costs associated with frequent billing information.

  • Zvingilaite, E. and M. Togeby (2015): Impact of Feedback about energy consumption.
  • Dyhr-Mikkelsen, K. and M. Togeby (2014):  Industrial energy efficiency policy - Approach for developing an IEE strategy and roadmap for Egypt. UNIDO.
  • Dyhr-Mikkelsen, K. and M. Togeby (2014): Industrial energy efficiency policy - Practice and experience analysed for application in Egypt. UNIDO.
  • Bundgaard, S. S., M. Togeby, K. Dyhr-Mikkelsen, T. Sommer, V. H. Kjærbye, A. E. Larsen (2013): Spending to Save: Evaluation of the Energy Efficiency Obligation in Denmark. ECEEE 2013.
  • Bundgaard, S.S., K. Dyhr-Mikkelsen, A.E. Larsen and M. Togeby (2013):
    Energy Efficiency Obligation schemes in the EU - lesson learned from Denmark.
    IAEE Energy Forum 3rd Quarter 2013 pp. 43-47.
  • Togeby, M., K. Dyhr-Mikkelsen, A. Larsen, P. Bach (2010): A Danish Case: Portfolio Evaluation and Its Impact on Energy Efficiency Policy. International Energy Program Evaluation Conference, 9-10 June 2010, Paris

  • Hansen Kjærbye, V., A. Larsen and M. Togeby (2010): The effect of building regulations on energy consumption in single family houses in Denmark

  • Gleerup, M., A. Larsen, S. Leth-Petersen, M. Togeby (2010): The Effect of Feedback by Text Message (SMS) and Email on Household Electricity Consumption: Experimental Evidence. The Energy Journal. Vol. 31, No. 3


Education and training

MSc Engineering, the Technical University of Denmark, 1983

Ph.D., the Technical University of Denmark, 1988    


Last update 08-Mar-2019


Mikael Togeby

MSc Engineering, PhD, Partner

Mobile: +45 60 39 17 07


Year of birth: 1957
Nationality: Danish
Language skills:
Danish, English


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