Ea Energy Analyses has made a special version of the Balmorel model called Balmorel Lite that you can try, learn about or download through this site.


Balmorel Lite was developed for the Danish Energy Agency as a web-based tool that would give users a visual and interactive introduction to the type of analysis and results that Balmorel can achieve - providing users with a good basis for reflection on next step activities and modelling opportunities.


Apart from the web-based Balmorel Lite, Ea has made a version that is available for download. Read about the characteristics and download instructions below or start off by trying the online version.


The purpose of Balmorel is to assist in analysing relevant issues for the energy sector. These challenges change over time, spurring model development to conform to new requirements – a process that we at Ea Energy Analyses have been greatly involved in through developments of new model functionalities and improved data sets.


Balmorel Lite is a simplified model version, which covers the power system only (not the heating system). A big advantage of Balmorel Lite is that it only takes about 30 seconds to run, making it a valuable tool for playing around with how different factors can influence the power system.


The model has a high level of detail on wind power integration and can for instance be used for assessing the cost of integrating wind power in different types of energy systems and the resulting changes in CO2 emissions.



A simplified take-off

  • Balmorel Lite is what you can call a simplified version of the Balmorel model, that covers the power system only.
  • Balmorel Lite is a good place to start if you are interested in getting acquainted with the modelling tool.

Open source with a twist

  • Balmorel is open-source and free of charge, which means that it is open for anyone to inspect, use and modify. However, running the model requires a licensed software called GAMS – a software that is also necessary for running Balmorel Lite.

What’s the difference?

  • The Balmorel Lite model and datasets available for download on this site differs from what you find on the original Balmorel site. The main differences are:
  • High calculation speed, about 30 seconds.
  • The model can be quickly set up with only 6 input files containing key elements like demand, capacity, fuel prices, and integrations measures.
  • The model has been simplified to cover one country and no heat demand.
  • The results are condensed to 4 files with the most important outputs


Before you start the download we suggest you read the short user guide. Note that the guide is made for Balmorel, not BalmoreLite.




Install GAMS on your computer, if you do not already have it already



GAMS is the acronym for General Algebraic Modelling System.  Both the Balmorel model and BalmorelLite is written in the GAMS modelling language, which means that you must have the GAMS software to run BalmorelLite. The software is licensed and can be ordered from the GAMS home page along with user guides and tutorials.



Download the Balmorel Lite zipfile, place it where you find relevant and unzip it.



Within the folder, under ‘Balmorel Lite’ you will find a folder named 'scenario'.



The simulation options are found in the files under scenario/data, following the input structure defined in the inline version.



Run this batch fileinside the folder 'scenario' or open a command prompt from the same folder, paste the following: gams ..\..\base\model\balmorel.gms and hit enter.



Using command prompt: Open the command prompt. Copy the folder path for ‘scenario’. Write ‘cd ‘ in the command prompt and paste the folder path, hit enter. Paste gams ..\..\base\model\balmorel.gms and hit enter.



See the results in the scenario/output folder.



To change the data and make a different simulation, copy the folder scenario/data and edit the files


Last update 06.08.2018

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Click here to try the online version of Balmorel Lite






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